In 2013, back-end developer thought leader Joe Lopez, started a technology resource blog called bearcoda. Joe shared his technological expertise with leading back-end developers, and that blog eventually became a business. Joe leveraged his 20 years of experience working with complex technology stacks for some of the largest companies in the world and applied it to small to mid-sized firms. His experience allows him to take an intricate web design and develop back-end solutions to deliver an elegant and optimized user experience.

Joe met Laura Soto, a website developer who had gotten her start thanks to a College Professor who taught graphic design classes. The professor had trouble finding a web developer who could bring her artistic design to life on a web page. The developers she used in the past did not have the technical or design skills to showcase her talent successfully. The professor approached Laura, a star pupil at the time, to use her artistic eye, creative flair, and technical expertise to complete the project. 

With the success of the first project and the recognition that other designers struggled with similar issues, Bearcoda was reinvented in 2017. The new firm married Joe’s extensive technical experience with Laura’s artistic approach to web development. This expertise provides Bearcoda clients with holistic solutions to complex web development problems.

Joe Lopez, CEO

Laura Soto, COO

Bearcoda’s values

Our core values guide all that we do. Our values provide the framework for all decisions and ensure that we are successful and that our clients receive 100% of our efforts. These core values and beliefs define what’s important to us at Bearcoda:



Hard Work

Problem Solving