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Our Services

Embrace the freedom of our Pay-As-You-Go model

No minimum commitments, just pay for the hours you use, ensuring cost-effective solutions.

Our standard software development workflow includes pre-live reviews, giving you full control and visibility before anything goes live.

This approach not only enhances quality but also positions us as an excellent choice for your development needs.

What we offer

Web integrations

We integrate a web design into a website. Pixel-perfect and respecting the original design and desired UX behaviors no matter the platform.

Cloud development

We architect, structure, design, and implement solutions that run fully on web-based platforms.


We help minimize human error by automating tasks and behaviors.


We not only automate, but we can make your software smart and teach it to learn how to achieve your goals.

App Development

Expertly crafting and maintaining mobile and desktop apps, Bearcoda brings seamless, cross-platform solutions to life, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

Technology we use

AWS Amazon Web Services
React JS
AngularJS Development
Vue JS
Node JS
Serverless Development
>NET Development
PHP Development
JavaScript and jQuery Development
Magento Development
HTML5 development, vanilla or with frameworks like Boootstrap
InVision Design delivery and prototyping
Sketch UX UI Design and Prototyping
Adobe Illustrator AI
Adobe Photoshop PS PSD
Adobe XD Design UX UI and Prototyping
iOS apps development and App Store Deployment
Android App Development and Google Play Deployment
Streaming Media
WOWZA media development
Real-Time Communication
WebRTC Development