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10 Types of Websites, which one do you need?

By May 8, 2018June 27th, 2022Basics

We know there are countless types of websites. So, this is our top 10 most common websites that can be found on the internet. Even if nowadays most websites merge more than one type, it’s still important to know how to categorize them when we are planning our own site.

#1 Blog

Blogs can range through a lot of subjects. For this reason they can have any purpose. Blogs are regularly updated. In general, they are either managed by an individual, or a group of people. Therefore, functionality is limitless. With this in mind, you can have a blog for any subject you could think of. All you have to do is set it up and start typing.


#2 E-commerce

E-commerce sites are basically stores. The internet is like having an unlimited mall right at your fingertips. So if it exists, there’s probably a website that sells it. Often e-commerce sites are combined with a corporate website, but it’s main purpose is to sell, sell, sell.


#3 News or Magazine

This type of website is updated daily, similar to blogs. Also has a professional air to it. Usually, news or magazines sites add information to what you see on their printed issue. In fact, the goal is to keep the user updated on current affairs, from the latest political news, to what kind of shoes will be in for the season.


#4 Wiki

Like an encyclopedia, wikis are meant to educate the user. In fact, wikis can educate about any subject. Usually with lots of details. Wikis are often “fan-made” or built by communities. Since the main purpose is to spread information, everyone is welcome to chime in (as long as they have a source, of course).


#5 Portfolio

A portfolio website is exactly what it sounds like. In this case, your portfolio for anyone to see. Because of this, it’s often accompanied by an “about me” section and ways to contact the provider of the service/product. In other words, it’s like an interactive personal business card. Therefore, it’s very important that it reflects the personality and taste of the owner.


#6 Questions and Answers

This type of websites are very interactive. Since anyone can ask a question and (often) anyone can answer. Usually the objective of this sites can be from random questions, to specialty questions. Because of this, specialists that know the subject from A to Z, or the community, can answer to the users.


#7 Social

Social websites are a way for people to interact with each other. From staying in touch, to meet new people. Also, users can get involved with a community or get in touch with other users that share their likes. In this case, the main purpose is to get its users together, and provide a place for them to stay in touch.


#8 Educational

Nowadays to get an education you don’t need to attend a physical school (please stay in school!). As a result, there are a lot of websites (free and paid) that offer it’s users a variety of options to better their education. Educational websites can also be part of a real life school. Who offer online classes or free courses. Learning isn’t specific to higher education. You can learn trades, or work on new skills.


#9 Corporate

Corporate is the most common type of website. After all, it is an online business card for any business. In addition to a logo, a website says a lot about a company. Corporate websites are often meant to sell something, but can’t be bought directly from the website.


#10 Video Streaming

Video killed the radio star. Streaming has changed the way we consume our entertainment. This service gives us the option to look at what we want, and disappear what we aren’t interested in. Thanks to streaming sites, we can pick when and where we want to watch our favorite shows, or our favorite content creators.