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Funniest Javascript Libraries

By April 23, 2019June 27th, 2022Recomendations

Sometimes we get so immersed in our work that we forget how much fun we can have while coding. We’ve compiled a list with the funniest, most original, or quirkiest javascript libraries all over stak overflow. Have a laugh, learn something new and enjoy the programmer humor.

Autocomplete from Stack Overflow

When we found this lib, we found it so funny because… don’t we all use stack overflow from time to time?… or all the time? Do you need to finish a project and don’t have the time? Don’t fret! Autocomplete from Stack Overflow is here to save you with the top rated answers on stack overflow.



Don’t you love it when a project name goes right to the point? Elevator.js literally elevates you from the bottom of your site. You’ll never have to scroll manually up again.



“Sarcasm is easy-as-pie, batteries-included, non-opinionated, simple-to-get-started, lightweight, reliable, convenient, dead simple, user-friendly, super-sonic, hypercharged, kick-ass javascript library on steroids.” And we couldn’t have said it better.



An amazing javascript framework. Ultra light weight. Would recommend 10/10 👌


Fattest cat

Are you near or in San Francisco? Good news! Now you can find the fattest cat available for adoption at San Francisco SPCA. Best script ever.


Cannot even

You ever have days where you just can’t even? This funny named script helps you avoid even numbers by throwing an error each time you give it one!



Somebody ever crossed you the wrong way and want to get them back? BE PETTIER! pettier.js it’s a script that will annoy even the most zen person, by randomizing options and arbitrarily switching between spaces and tabs… What a nightmare!


Undefined is a function

As the title says, you guessed it: With this script, undefined is finally a function.



Developed by satire website The Onion, fart scroll reminds us that we are twelve and find fart jokes very funny.



Another script developed by The Onion! In case you need to remember those days where you had to log off the internet to make a phonemail, comcastify is for you! Load your images a lot slower than normal. We love remembering our childhood.