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10 Resources to help develop your creativity

Our brain is a muscle. And, like every other muscle in our body, our brain needs exercise. There are an infinite amount of resources, tips, advice and challenges on how to improve our creativity. It’s important to note that creativity is not just about design and colors. Creativity is about problem-solving. We scoured the internet and made a list of varied resources that will help you exercise your brain and get those creative juices flowing!


“Stumble upon” used to be a popular website. However, after 10+ years they joined Mix. A type of social media / Pinterest-like site, where you can curate the types of websites you like and discover new sites that appeal to you.



High resolution, beautiful images. Subsequently, get inspired by an infinite amount of pictures about several topics (architecture, design, art, travel, etc.).



As we said on our intro, creativity isn’t just about beautiful images and color. When we learn new things, our brain exercises. Ted talks are 15-minute talks about anything and everything. Always made by professionals on their field. So, you know you will always take something away from a ted talk. Therefore, any subject is interesting.


Smashing magazine

Creativity goes hand and hand with learning. Smashing magazine is a great resource. Firstly, develop your creativity by getting inspired. Secondly, it curates great articles about web design and development. You’ll find your self learning a thing or two.


Envato Blog

We’re sure you are familiar with the Envato market. But, have you seen their blog? Discover trends and get inspired. In addition, read about different web and design topics. There are also listicles where you can find awesome resources for your projects.



This website is different from our other ones. For instance, it’s a game! Train your eyes to recognize the approximate pixel sizes of various shapes.



Are you stuck with the same color palette amongst your work? Discover new color combinations with Colourpod! Get inspired, analyze different combinations. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new one you like!


Friends of Type

Maybe you aren’t a fan of typography. However, typographic design can inspire you to try new typographic combinations. The best you can do to develop your creativity is to get exposed to a lot of different styles and treatments.


We and the Color

Design curated blogs are always awesome to stumble upon. (did you see what we did there?) Therefore, “We and the color” is not the exception to that rule. From inspiration posts to listicles. In addition, featured projects and downloadable resources. “We and the color” is awesome to keep up with new trends. Moreover, get to know about awesome designers.